Friday, 17 February 2012

OCA Part 5 Project 5 Ex 2 part 2

So let's see what nasty things I can subject poor Vince to ;)

1. His son could go missing?
Journey - Quest - Monsters - Tragedy (depending on the outcome) - Rags to Riches (or rather Riches to Rags) depending on what it takes to get his son back.

2. His daughter could be kidnapped?
Exactly the same as No 1 above

3. His wife has an affair?
Journey - Quest (to get her back) - Monster (the other man) - Tragedy (depending on the outcome)

4. Something happens with the business and he ends up bankrupt?
Riches to Rags - Journey - Quest - Rebirth - Tragedy (depending on the outcome)

5. He's falsely accused of murder?
The Siege - Monsters - Quest - Journey

6. He does actually commit murder?
Strangely enough exactly the same as No 5 above.... It doesn't really matter if he did it or not lol

7. He has an affair?
Tragedy - Riches to Rags

8. His secretary accuses him of rape?
The Siege - Monsters - Quest - Tragedy (depending on the outcome)

9. He's blackmailed?
Riches to Rags - Monsters - Quest - Tragedy (depending on the outcome)

10. A long lost child (he fathered on a one night stand) turns up out of the blue.
Journey - Rebirth - Monster (possibly, depending on how he sees it) - Tragedy (depending on the outcome) which one do I write? ;)

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  1. I always have a hard time making bad things happen to my characters, and even a harder time making my characters do bad things.